We're doing it again!

Join us at the 81'st annual Rhododendron Festival
Saturday May 21'st, 2016

Design and photography by Jonathan Safir

Would you like to support cake?

Cake Picnic depends upon the support of its community. We believe in making our celebration open to all, and that is accomplished through our own volunteer work and your generous donations. In two years we have given away over 7,000 slices of incredible handmade cake FOR FREE. 

Please consider giving to Cake Picnic to ensure a succesful event in 2016!


Once upon a time the people of Port Townsend would get together and enjoy massive community feasts.  Chief Chetzemoka, Joe Kuhn, and James G. Swan were known for producing community clam bakes that would serve 1200+ people. The “CAKE PICNIC” provides our community with an opportunity to bring back an old tradition and celebrate our local culture.

This year, we are continuing our tradition in serving delicious cake to the people of Port Townsend and our visitors. 


Contact the Cake Picnic team at: